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As the owners of telegram claims this social networks is very fast and it leads to increase the users and followers of this app every day. Before the presentation of this popular social network, Viber faced with a lot of disorders. this social network didn’t receive much attention but when disorders in sending and receiving messages occurs in Viber in a period of time , users had to use telegram , and up to now they are very satisfied with using this social network . This app has 50 million users now and the owners of it say that one million users join to it every week. Also they add one billion message that are sent by this messenger every day.

The only disadvantages this social network has is that it doesn’t support video calls. And the constructors of this app say that they don’t have such calls and the only concentration of them is security and data speed. Business owners, groups and channel’s admins can buy one package of telegram members in order to encourage people to join to their channels and groups. Telegram is an app that reaches to be the most famous social network and it could attract huge numbers of users from different target audiences and it changes to be the first virtual business panel in the country.

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