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If you want to have a popular channel with lots of members, pay attention to this points: Surely every media which respects to its audiences and shows its eligibility, will attract audiences. And telegram channels are the same. You should always know that your channel should be in a way that attracts its audiences. If you have a funny or religious or political channel and use some contents that don’t belong to the topic of your channel, you will lose your audiences. Keep the channels quality in a high degree and be sure your audiences will like it and attract you. One of the most effective methods of increasing your channel members is to put in your channel’s address and information in websites to attract more audiences. Also you can advertise your channel in famous telegram channels.

Advertising in telegram and buying members in it is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of increasing telegram members. Use pictures in your contents as much as possible. The audiences of social networks pay more attention to posts which have pictures, so try to use beautiful pictures with your contents. Always insert link of your channel at the end of your contents and pictures, so when your contents are forwarded people see your channel’s link.